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edition ~ verso was established in 2015 by printmaker Sara-Aimee Verity, and serves as both publishing platform and workshop for the development of print-works by makers across disciplines from the African continent and abroad. 
Above all things, the verso imprint functions as a sensitive instrument; part listening practice, interpreting and translating the ideas of artists into print, and part a gesture of ongoing inquiry, into forms of publishing, collaborative experimentation and technical knowledge in the realisation of print projects. 

These include life-long print projects, research (the tacit kind) through the print medium, a residency programme, concentrated production, and the making of books (a recent invitation from Oriole Press to print and co-publish a small edition publication). 
The scope of techniques on offer include but are not limited to, intaglio (etching and photopolymer gravure), relief work (lino and woodcut), collograph, chine collé, and once-off impressions in oil and watercolour monotype.  
As a conscious effort towards the importance of material properties, edition ~ verso together with PULP Paperworks collaborate in the making of handmade paper from their respective studio waste. This endeavour allows for artists to include a facilitated paper making practice alongside the making of prints in the studio. edition ~ verso collaborations often continue over the course of many years, offering artists the opportunity to build up a comprehensive body of printed work at their own pace, exploring the various aspects of the print medium in close/far relation to their existing practice. These lead to lifelong working relationships, the fostering of a studio community, and are the foundation of edition ~ verso.For prints by these and other edition ~ verso artists please email